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Give last year's pool this year's look, a face lift that will keep you, your family and guests in the swim for decades to come. An existing pool can be easily made to look brand new with the replacement of broken or missing tiles and coping, resurfacing of the pool's sides and bottom, even adding a color tint to give it a unique and personal appearance. The beautification of the pool's setting with easy-to-care-for landscaping and plantings and the addition of such aesthetics as new lighting, power or fiber-optic waterfalls and fountains can create excitement and make your pool experience something to enjoy for decades to come.

Forty or more years ago, a number of people wanted to have a pool in their back yard, but opted for pools that were vinyl-lined, believing that this was a cheaper, faster way to get into the swim of things. That they were less expensive to install is true, but over time they realized that the money saved initially would be spent by the need for constant repairs such as leaks caused by tears in the vinyl and difficulties encountered in maintaining the pool water's sparklingly clear appearance. We have made scores of conversions of pools from those with vinyl liners to our very affordable, long-lasting, steel-reinforced gunite shells.

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